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Sinus Lifts With Piezotome®

The Piezotome® – Ultrasonic Technology For Easy, Safe And Painless Dental Procedures

At All Natural Dentistry, Dr. Amy Khajavi uses Piezotome®, which is a proprietary high-tech tool that uses ultrasonic technology for pre-implant surgery. While traditional surgery uses drills, the Piezotome®, manufactured by ACTEON®, works like a mini jackhammer and vibrates faster than the speed of sound to break, shake and cut unwanted material. Since Piezotome® surgeries cause minimum damage to surrounding teeth and tissues, patients can expect less pain, faster healing, and fewer or no complications.

Dr. Amy Khajavi has placed thousands of dental implants and uses only Metal Free Ceramic Implants in her practice.

The Piezotome® is a blessing for both the patient and the dentist. While it allows ease and precision in dental surgical procedures, it promises less pain, swelling, and complications combined with quick post-surgery healing for patients. It has opened up new ways and techniques for dental implant specialists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, mouth reconstruction experts, endodontists, periodontists, and dental surgeons.

Multiple surveys and clinical studies show that piezoelectric ultrasonic devices have significantly decreased the difficulty in performing complex dental procedures such as sinus lifts, extractions, crown extensions, curettage, osteotomy, and remodeling.


At All Natural Dentistry, Dr. Amy Khajavi, a multiple award-winner in dentistry, with advanced dental degrees and over 20 years of experience in dental procedures, is an expert with Piezotome® dentistry procedures and techniques. Due to its proven benefits, Dr. Khajavi uses Piezotome® devices for most of her dental implants and surgeries, extractions, TMJs, and orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry procedures. A biological dentist, she uses only biocompatible materials in all her dental procedures.

Piezotome® Is A Breakthrough In Sinus Lift Surgeries

Sinus lift surgeries are performed to add bone to the upper jaw when there is insufficient bone height in the upper jaw, or if the sinuses are very close to the jaw. With Piezotome® ultrasonic surgery, patients can now receive augmentative surgery in a private clinic that was only possible in a hospital setting in the past.

Implantologists and dental surgeons can now perform successful sinus lifts and expansion of the alveolar crest with Piezotome®. They don’t have to worry about deficient tools that lead to failure. Piezotome® also enables successful sinus lift surgeries at lesser cost, time and post-surgery pain.

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Experts in Piezotome® Dental Procedures

Some doctors of ultrasonic surgery with Piezotome® devices have spoken in the past about extended surgery time, which has led some dentists to be reluctant about using this remarkable technology.

However, the fact is that every new technology like ultrasonic surgery requires training and practice. Using piezo-ultrasonic surgical instruments is entirely different from using traditional rotary instruments. It is essential to study and understand the science and principles of ultrasound before using this device. Dr. Amy Khajavi has been using Piezotome® extensively in many dental procedures and knows how to utilize the controlled and modulated vibrations as well as the cavitation effect for maximum precision and benefits.

The Advantages of Piezotome® For Patients & Dentists

The advantages of Piezotome® are evidence-based – not just unsubstantiated claims that we see in many new technologies today. Some of the major benefits of piezoelectric devices and equipment are:

  • Superior Healing – Due to minimal cell death and bleeding, faster bone densification, and production of nascent oxygen during the procedure itself, Piezotome® allows more rapid healing and recovery for the patient.

  • Safety – Piezotome offers cutting selectivity to the surgeon for precision cuts, and its modulated and controlled vibrations ensure the preservation of soft tissues, nerves, arteries, and mucous membranes.

  • Minimally Invasive – Ultrasonic procedures promise minimal bone loss and fine and precise cuts.

  • Complex Made Easy – With Piezotome® even complex surgeries are made easy due to smooth and effortless cuts, optimal visibility, enhanced tactile feel and easy bone access to the dental surgeon.

  • Postoperative Comfort – Ultrasonic surgical devices ensure that patients experience reduced pain, limited swelling, and fewer complications. Patients have to rely on a minimum amount of analgesics to manage pain.

If you want to learn more about Piezotome® and its benefits, please call All Natural Dentistry at (858) 683-4862 to schedule your dental appointment with Dr. Amy Khajavi. Dr. Khajavi also provides other major dental services such as teeth cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, TMJ, and solutions to neuromuscular problems.

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