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Bone Grafting PRGF Factor

Achieving Faster Healing With Plasma Rich Growth Factor

The Plasma Rich in Growth Factor (PRGF) technique is an effective and safe way to enhance the body’s natural powers of healing and regrowth of tissue and bone after a dental procedure such as bone grafting. PRGF is a category of plasma rich protein derived by sectioning blood into its components and is successfully used primarily in soft tissue and bone regeneration.

The technique uses a small amount of the patient’s blood and isolates important proteins that encourage healing and new bone growth and restore soft tissue where surgery has taken place. The PRGF therapy is safe as the patient’s blood and tissue is used, and there’s little risk of donor rejection and disease transmission.

In dentistry, many procedures require cutting into the skin or bone during surgery. After a cut, the body triggers a healing response, and cells rapidly move to the site of the wound to help in healing. And one of these cells is a platelet, which releases growth factors that enable the body to heal naturally and encourage stem cells to form new tissue or bone.

A Therapy That Enables Faster Recovery And Has Little Risk PRFG Has FDA’s Approval And Is 100% Bio-Compatible

At All Natural Dentistry, Dr. Amy Khajavi, who has practiced dentistry for more than 20 years, offers the remarkable PRFG therapy to her dental patients. Dr. Khajavi is a specialist in full mouth reconstruction and implant dentistry and integrates biological dentistry at her dental clinic.

Why Is PRGF Generating Significant Interest?

A breakthrough technique in soft tissue and bone regeneration, PRGF spurs the body’s innate powers of healing at an accelerated rate. At the time of injury, cells of various types rush to the spot of injury to deal with the wound. Cells begin the healing by forming blood clots and releasing growth factors into the wound. The more the growth factors are discharged into the wound, the faster and better the healing.

With the introduction of PRGF at the surgical area, the body makes full use of the numerous growth factors without the blood cells. This process accelerates healing without involving the immune system’s usual response of inflammation and swelling. Studies also show that PRGF helps in new bone formation. So, a doctor can grow a one faster and improve chances of success after introducing PRGF to the surgical site. All these features make PRGF a useful treatment technique during placement of dental implants.

Is The PRGF Procedure Risky?

The procedure is safe, and the technique involves taking a small amount of your blood through an IV during the outpatient procedure. The blood is kept in a centrifuge and spun down. The process separates the PRGF from the other ingredients of the patient’s blood such as red and white blood cells, and the whole PRGF procedure requires only 40 minutes to be completed.

Do All Cases Of Bone-Grafting Use PRGF?

PRGF is used depending on the particular requirement of the patient. If there’s no infection, an implant is not being placed at the extraction site, and the surgical site is small PRGF is not required. However, in most cases, PRGF is highly beneficial to the patient as it enables faster and more efficient healing. It’s especially useful in patients having less than satisfactory healing response such as those who are elderly, smoke, are diabetic, or have immune disorders.

Does PRGF Have Insurance Coverage?

PRGF is usually not covered by insurance companies, and the patient bears the cost of the procedure. However, it saves patients the cost of an expensive bone grafting procedure as PRGF promotes bone growth with no need for bone grafting.

Should I Be Aware Of Contraindications To PRGF?

Yes. Patients who have bleeding disorders or hematologic diseases can’t undergo this procedure in a dental office as bleeding is difficult to control in a non-hospital setting.

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What Are The Clinical Applications Of PRGF?

All Natural Dentistry Clinic uses PRGF for many dental procedures such as bone grafting for dental implants, repairing fistulas between the sinus cavity and the mouth, and correcting bone defects caused by the removal of teeth and small cysts.

Do You Offer L-PRF Platelet Therapy?

Dr. Khajavi is one of a handful of dentists in the area who provides Leukocyte-PRF Platelet therapy as a natural way to enhance the healing process. L-PRF therapy has approval by the FDA and is 100% biocompatible. The therapy is like a bioactive band-aid for sites that are wounded and involves the patient’s blood, which is drawn to generate the advanced bioactive compound. The compound is used at the site of the surgery to promote quicker healing.

How Is L-PRF Platelet Therapy Used At Our Clinic?

Following a thorough examination, Dr. Khajavi may recommend L-PRF Platelet therapy for bone grafting to create more bone tissue or as part of a ridge augmentation procedure.

To know how PRGF can help you heal quicker after your dental procedure, please call All Natural Dentistry at (858) 683-4862 to schedule your appointment. Dr. Amy Khajavi, a multiple award-winning dentist, and her experienced staff will provide you with all the details. Dr. Khajavi holds advanced dental degrees and provides major dental procedures such as dental cleaning, TMJ, treatment for neuromuscular problems, and cosmetic dentistry.

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