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Dental implants can significantly improve the physical health and self-confidence of older persons. dental implants can be used at any age.

Dental Implants For Seniors
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What to Know About Dental Implants for Seniors

It's natural to wonder whether dental implants are suitable for you after you have become a senior citizen. You could consider what type of implant rate of success you'll have dependent on your age. You might be wondering if dental implants are as effective for elderly individuals as they are for the younger generation. 

Fortunately, dental implants are as efficient and durable as they were when you were younger. Dental implants can significantly improve the physical health and self-confidence of older persons. Dental implants can be used at any age.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants resemble screw-shaped prosthetic tooth roots. Dental implants are placed in your jawbone by a skilled dentist and subsequently connect with your own jawbone. This serves as a foundation for crowns, which are prosthetic teeth. To secure your crown in position, a connection, also called as an abutment, is mounted on the top of dental implants. The crown is designed to fit perfectly in your mouth alongside adjacent teeth. Dental implants are the most durable, safe, and reliable dental treatment available.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

There are generally a few phases involved in a dental implant procedure:

Consulting your dentist. An implantologist will evaluate your mouth, acquire 3-D X-ray images, and explain implant choices and a treatment plan for your dental implant procedure.

Placement of dental implants. Your dentist will place the dental implant into the jawbone at your next appointment, precisely at the position of your missing teeth. Most patients have less pain and suffering than they anticipated and may generally come back to work the next day.

Please note, however, that everyone's situation is different. To make you relaxed during surgery, IV sedation or local anesthetic may be utilized.

Discomfort or pain following implant surgery is like that experienced following any other dental procedure. Inflammation, bruising, mild bleeding, and discomfort are all possible symptoms. The majority of people control their pain using over-the-counter medicines.

Osseointegration. The phase of osseointegration occurs when your dental implant and jaw bone begin to cobine with each other by growing together. During this procedure, a solid and long-lasting basis for your new teeth is created. Your dentist may put you on a soft food diet for a few weeks to ensure that your implants recover properly. You'll be back to your old routine in a few months.

Placement of the abutment Your dentist will attach a tiny connector (an abutment) to your dental implant once it has bonded to your jawbone. In certain circumstances, the connection can be installed at the same time as the implant.

Replace the teeth with new ones. Your dentist will custom manufacture your new artificial tooth when your gums have healed from the original operation by taking impressions of your mouth with your existing teeth.

A single crown, an implant-supported bridge, or dentures with numerous replacement teeth can all be created by the dentist. Although your artificial tooth or teeth will not deteriorate, they will still require the same level of routine maintenance, check-ups, and cleanings as genuine teeth.

Check-ups. The frequency with which you should have your dental implants examined is determined by the number of artificial teeth you have placed and the type of implant you have. It generally takes three to nine months to complete the procedure.

You may anticipate seeing your dentist on a frequent basis to ensure that everything is healing properly.

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Frequently asked questions

Who Will Require A Full Mouth Reconstruction?
Patients who have broken teeth, infected gums, or feel jaw pain, which is causing discomfort and affecting oral health, should contact their dentist to see if they are a fit candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.
What Should I Expect In a Full Mouth Reconstruction?
Full Mouth Reconstruction after thoroughly examining a patient as suitability for the procedure is on a case-by-case basis. However, if you have two or more of the following dental issues, you may require a full mouth reconstruction procedure.

Missing teeth due to decay or trauma, Broken or fractured teeth, Worn out teeth due to acid or tooth grinding, Receding gums or gum disease, Continuing headache, and jaw and muscle pain.
Dr. Amy's Experience With Full Mouth Reconstruction
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