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Stem Cells For TMJ San Diego . Orange County . Los Angeles

Dr. amy uses stem cells - platelet rich plasma injections prepared one's own blood to treat tmj which is amazingly effective.

Stem Cells For TMJ
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PRP treatment of Osteoarthritis of the TMJ, and TMJ pain

Using Stem Cells To Treat TMJ

People who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) often complain of mild to severe pain and restricted movement of the neck. TMJ can result from Osteoarthritis or an injury. Many patients have a degenerative condition that results in the pain and other symptoms that accompany this ailment.

All Natural Dentistry is home to a highly skilled dental professional Dr. Amy who is well-trained to treat and diagnose TMJ disorders. Conveniently located in San Diego, California, she provides much-needed relief for valued patients.

TMJ & Cervical Spine Disorders

Although TMJ can occur due to injury, some experience a slow progression over time; this is a result of a degenerative issue. A little-known cause for the latter is attributed to neck pain and problems in the cervical spine. Those who suffer may experience popping or clicking sounds as the jaw moves.

TMJ resulting from degenerative malfunctions causes the jaw to move forward with more pain and discomfort over time. Maintaining the highest level of knowledge, Dr. Amy is aware of the newest studies and treatments as they relate to TMJ.

TMJ A Revolving Door

Many patients she has worked with have tried several treatment plans such as pain medications, oral devices, and bite guards to no avail. Dr. Amy realized that many underlying factors such as genetics, arthritis or jaw injury including clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism) can cause TMJ. Years ago, to close the revolving door for her TMJ patients Dr. Amy began using stem cells to treat TMJ. She has found that platelet-rich plasma injections prepared from one’s own blood is amazingly effective in reducing pain and joint sound as well as in improving mandibular motion.

The Treatments

Taking a new approach to your treatment, understanding the causes of your TMJ is vital to your pain relief. Ultimately tracing the pain and discomfort to its source is the most effective way to finding the right treatment.

The treatment consists of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Injections) to help heal degenerated tissues, or stem cell therapy to regenerate damaged tissue and aid the effects of osteoarthritis.

Contact All Natural Dentistry in San Diego, California, for a full consultation and personalized treatment options. We are happy to provide the latest, most innovative remedies.

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