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When it comes to periodontal disease, better be safe than sorry, just like any other ailment. The consequences of this dental issue can be greatly reduced if it is diagnosed early and treated with proper gum therapy and good oral hygiene. Periodontitis, on the other hand, if goes unchecked, can lead to tooth and bone loss.

Periodontal Deep Cleaning
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Gingival Inflammation

Gingival inflammation, or swollen and irritated gums, is one of the earliest indications of gum disease. Plaque, which is produced by the accumulation of germs, causes gum irritation. If plaque isn't thoroughly brushed away, it solidifies into calculus, which we can't remove on our own. Hardened plaque microorganisms chew away at the tissue between your gums and teeth, forming "pockets." The harm produced by periodontitis is curable even at this point. Patients who want to avoid surgery should get a gum disease diagnosis as soon as possible. All you'll need to cure your gum disease is a deep dental cleaning treatment called scaling and root planning.

The Root Planing and Scaling Procedure

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical gum therapy. If necessary, your dentist numbs the surgical sites using local anaesthetic. To clean the tartar below and above the gum margin, one of our highly experienced hygienists utilizes hand and ultrasonic equipment. The calculus is cleaned from your teeth's root, and they are polished to encourage gum tissue reattachment, which lowers the severity of the pockets. Periodontal patients must maintain home care after surgery and see their hygienist for regular gum care cleanings.

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Frequently asked questions

Who Will Require A Full Mouth Reconstruction?
Patients who have broken teeth, infected gums, or feel jaw pain, which is causing discomfort and affecting oral health, should contact their dentist to see if they are a fit candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.
What Should I Expect In a Full Mouth Reconstruction?
Mouth Reconstruction after thoroughly examining a patient as suitability for the procedure is on a case-by-case basis. However, if you have two or more of the following dental issues, you may require a full mouth reconstruction procedure.

Missing teeth due to decay or trauma, Broken or fractured teeth, Worn out teeth due to acid or tooth grinding, Receding gums or gum disease, Continuing headache, and jaw and muscle pain.
Dr. Amy's Experience With Full Mouth Reconstruction
Dr. Khajavi has extensive experience in full mouth reconstruction and helping patients attain healthy, confident and dazzling smiles. Dr. Khajavi has won multiple awards as a dentist, holds advanced dental degrees and also offers other major dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry, treatment for neuromuscular problems, dental cleaning, and TMJ.

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