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Patients who have broken teeth, infected gums, or feel jaw pain, which is causing discomfort and affecting oral health, should contact their dentist to see if they are a fit candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.


In a full mouth reconstruction procedure, Dr. Amy will reconstruct your mouth, replacing most or all of the teeth to restore the function and appearance of your mouth.


So, if you observe that your teeth, jaw or gums are not functioning normally and there is pain, Dr. Amy Khajavi can help resolve your discomfort and pain, and give back your beaming smile.

Full Mouth Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants

The success of your full mouth dental implant dental procedure depends on the skill of the dentist and experience in placing implants that are safe, long-lasting and placed with precision.

At All Natural Dentistry, biological dentist Dr. Amy Khajavi, who has more than 20 years of experiencing as a practicing dentist, provides full mouth dental implants—a procedure that she performs almost on a daily basis. A specialist in full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Khajavi is especially experienced in providing full mouth ceramic zirconia implants to patients who don’t want metal-based titanium implants. Her choice of material of implant is based on clinical research.

Risk Of Implant Failure

Research studies show that proven experience is critically important when your dentist performs implant procedures. Both skill and consistent track record are the main factors that decide the success or failure of a dental implant procedure. The Center for Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, California, carried out a dental study and concluded that inexperienced clinicians experienced higher implant failures. Another major study, “Reasons for Failures of Oral Implants,” stated that “inexperienced surgeons inserting the implants” increase the chances of implant failure, as per the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Both studies point to one crucial common fact: choose your dentist with care and not one who is a “part-time” operator or who has not put in the hard hours in successfully placing dental implants for a significant amount of time. Moreover, choosing the right material for the implant based on the patient’s need is critical in determining the success of an implant procedure. One of the most popular implant materials is ceramic zirconia dental implants.

Benefits Of Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants

All ceramic dental implants that are one-piece, tooth-colored, and non-metal, are popular due to better healing time, comfort level, and reduced maintenance. They are also sturdy, with reduced maintenance requirement, and negligible risk of infection due to their two-piece implant design. Ceramic zirconia implants are also highly biocompatible and exhibit optimal integration into the patient’s jaw bone.

Compared to metal implants, ceramic zirconia implants don’t conduct electricity or heat, and also resist corrosion. They don’t have a metal component to trigger chemical reactions or move into nearby tissues, lymph nodes, or other parts of the body.

Zirconia ceramic implants enhance gum health as they accumulate low levels of plaque. Lower plaque formation decreases bacterial growth and allows for the long-term success of the dental implant while keeping implant failure at bay. Moreover, ceramic zirconia implants do not impact the body’s meridians: considered important by holistic-oriented patients.

Effective Combination of Experienced Dentist And Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants

Dr. Amy Khajavi has placed thousands of dental implants and performs the full mouth dental implant procedure almost on a daily basis. Due to her extensive experience in dental implants, Dr. Khajavi’s track record shows a success rate of 98%.

When it comes to using ceramic zirconia dental implants, Dr. Khajavi only uses CeraRoot® to place the one-piece implants. Compared to titanium implants, CeraRoot® zirconia implants are non-metal and suitable for patients with metal-triggered sensitivities and allergies.

Ceramic implants are aesthetically more appealing, and their one-piece design makes it difficult for bacteria to thrive thereby reducing the risk of infection and maintenance. Moreover, CeraRoot implants are acid-etched, which research indicates leads to higher implant success rates. A study in 2010, quoted in the International Journal of Maxillofacial Implants, researched almost 400 patients with zirconia dental implants and found that implant success rate after five years was more than 97% for patients placed with acid-etched implants.

Dr. Khajavi’s dental clinic All Natural Dentistry combines her expertise in placing the safe and effective zirconia ceramic implants and her professional skills and experience. Dr. Khajavi is trained in implant dentistry especially full mouth dental implants using ceramic zirconia material. Her dental practice focuses on cosmetic dental issues and provides patients with the latest metal-free implant dentistry services utilizing the patient’s Growth Factor for the bone graft. Dr. Khajavi is a biological dentist, emphasizes that implants should be the means for preserving oral health, and only uses biocompatible materials in her clinic.

Dr. Khajavi completed her graduate studies in dentistry from Oregon Health and Science University. For two years of post-doctorate studies from Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry, she focused on full mouth reconstruction and was awarded the designation, “Master Dentist in Full Mouth Reconstruction,” which included training in aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Khajavi has also undergone fours of specialized training in implantology in addition to five years of fellowship training in Orthopedics of the Jaw.

Patients whose entire jaw or lower or upper jaw teeth have worn out, missing or infected can call Dr. Amy Khajavi at All Natural Dentistry at (858) 683-4862 to know more about full mouth dental implants and benefits of zirconia ceramic dental implants. Once you schedule your appointment, Dr. Khajavi and her qualified staff will share details about the dental procedure. Dr. Khajavi has won multiple awards as a dentist and also provides other major dental procedures including teeth cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, TMJ, and treatment for neuromuscular problems.

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Frequently asked questions

Who Will Require A Full Mouth Reconstruction?
Patients who have broken teeth, infected gums, or feel jaw pain, which is causing discomfort and affecting oral health, should contact their dentist to see if they are a fit candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.
What Should I Expect In a Full Mouth Reconstruction?
Mouth Reconstruction after thoroughly examining a patient as suitability for the procedure is on a case-by-case basis. However, if you have two or more of the following dental issues, you may require a full mouth reconstruction procedure.

Missing teeth due to decay or trauma, Broken or fractured teeth, Worn out teeth due to acid or tooth grinding, Receding gums or gum disease, Continuing headache, and jaw and muscle pain.
Dr. Amy's Experience With Full Mouth Reconstruction
Dr. Khajavi has extensive experience in full mouth reconstruction and helping patients attain healthy, confident and dazzling smiles. Dr. Khajavi has won multiple awards as a dentist, holds advanced dental degrees and also offers other major dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry, treatment for neuromuscular problems, dental cleaning, and TMJ.

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